Unspent Barley Flour

Rich in natural protein, fiber and minerals, our brewer’s spent grain (BSG) flour improves the nutritional value of food.


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Fantastic Taste

Better Nutrition

Unique Texture

Nutritional Value Comparison

RISE Flour White Coconut Almond
Calories 110 147 120 160
Fiber 12g 1g 10g 3g
Carbohydrates 20g 25g 16g 6g
Protein 6g 4g 4g 6g

These values are based on one serving of 28g.

Malted Barley

The primary ingredient in beer making is malted barley. It contributes the carbohydrates and sugars necessary for fermenting. Also, it provides the flavors and aromas unique to ales, porters, laggers, stouts and malts.

Spent Grain

Hot water is added to the grains converting into a mash. Sugar is released from the grains. It sits for some time and later this sugary water is extracted. With further processing, this will become beer. What remains (the mash) is now spent grain.


Each batch of spent grain has its own unique flavor and it has a high content of fiber and protein. RISE upcycles this “spent” grain from microbreweries into an organic, sustainable, high-protein, low-carb and low-cholesterol flour.

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Locally Sourced

People Our Flour

Chefs, bakers & children too.

“The unique flavor profile from the RISE Porter Flour surprised me giving an extra hint of chocolate and coffee.”

Chef Marta Antonelli

Children love our brownies made with spent grain flour

@Food+City Festival

“I tried to work with spent grain before but couldn't get the consistency I wanted. I am glad that you have the ready-to-use flour.”

Peter – The Baker
@Runner & Stone