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RISE Products is a food tech startup in Brooklyn. Our mission is foster sustainability through technology. We’re starting with upcycling organic byproducts into valuable ingredients.

what we do

We collect unspent barley from breweries and turn it into a tasty and nutritious flour using our proprietary technology.

We are collaborating with brewers and bakers to discover new and delicious ways to incorporate unspent barley flour into sweet and savory treats.

locally sourced

we make tasty and nutritious

unspent barley flour

Spent grains have a great fiber and protein content, while being low in calories.

Our flour takes on the unique flavors and aromas of the original brew. Flour from ales tastes nutty and light, while porters create a dark and rich flour that smells like chocolate.

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Our technology is accessible, efficient and can be easily adopted to any organic byproduct. Our vision is to process pomace from the wine industry, okara from soy-milk production, and fruit pulp from juicing.

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Unspent barley flour closes the production cycle. We believe that we could better manage natural resources by promoting zero waste and offering high quality and affordable food ingredients.

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