Whole Barley Super Flour

made from upcycled grain from local breweries

A nutty & light flavor with hints of caramel & almonds.


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Also available: Dark

RISE Super Flour is made from barley that has gone through the brewing process. As a result, the flour retains the aroma of the brew. The beer takes away most of the carbohydrates, leaving behind a protein rich grain. By using whole grains, the flour also has a high fiber content. The barley is sourced from local breweries in New York City. Instead of being thrown away, the complete nutritional value of barley is captured in the flour. Use the flour to boost the nutritional content or enhance the flavor of any recipe.

High Protein. High Fiber. Low Carbs.

Because we use whole grain without removing the hull, our flour has higher fiber content, more protein and less carbohydrates. Here’s how RISE Super Flour compares to all-purpose flour:

12x fiber
2x protein
⅓ carbs

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