The increasing demand for sustainability is pressuring food and beverage companies to take a more mindful approach to how they grow, manufacture, source and ship products. Historically, companies have tried to mitigate environmental and social harm by reducing waste and emissions. Emerging leaders, however, are now looking to upcycling and circular economies to find value-creating synergies between their waste and the world.

Our team of engineers, innovation consultants, data experts, food scientists and quality assurance professionals helps food and beverage companies across the value chain by:

  • identifying opportunities for upcycling and recycling
  • innovating methods and technologies to address food waste and create financial value, and
  • implementing and improving sustainable processes and technologies.



Bertha Jimenez

Founder, CEO 

Bertha is the CEO of RISE and is principally responsible for the development of its patent-pending process. She oversees the strategy of the company, and its day to day operations. She previously worked in environmental consulting and construction management. She holds a PhD in technology management from NYU and a B.S. in mechanical engineering.


Jessica Aguirre

Founder, Quality Assurance

Jessica has a background in enterprise risk management and is responsible for RISE food safety compliance. She also manages marketing and events initiatives. She holds a graduate degree in risk analysis and an undergraduate in mathematics.


Ashwin Gopi

Production Operations, R&D

Ashwin is a mechanical engineer who runs all of RISE R&D and oversees production operations and machinery acquisitions. He holds a PhD in technology management from NYU and a B.S. in mechanical engineering. He has previously worked in manufacturing and design.


Remington Tonar


Remington is the acting CFO of RISE and a Partner at Brandsinger, a NYC-based consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning and innovation. He supports RISE with various business, financial and legal tasks. He is also in charge of investor relations.


Lev Tatz

Business Operations

Lev is a software developer and technology innovator who streamlines production and manages the company’s data flow to ensure quality control. He is also responsible for supply chain logistics and the sales pipeline.