750 grams light brown sugar
380 grams butter soft
20 grams vanilla extract
3 grams orange extract
380 grams eggs
265 grams all purpose flour
265 grams RISE, Super Flour
20 grams baking powder
2 grams cinnamon
20 grams sea salt
200 grams chocolate chunks, semisweet chocolate
85 grams chocolate chunks, white chocolate
150 grams chocolate chunks, milk chocolate


Cream sugar and butter with paddle. Scrape well.
Whisk eggs thoroughly in a bowl with vanilla extract.
Add in eggs, slowly. Scrape well.
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl.
Add dries and chocolate to mixer, mix until just combined.
Pour into parchment lined sheet pan, level with offset.
Bake at 350 F convection until set, 18 minutes.
Let set 10 minutes, blast freeze ½ hour.
Cut around edge with bench scraper.
Invert to unmold onto cutting board.
Cut into 1’’ squares (cut 12 across x 18 across).

Credits: Institute of Culinary Education

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